19 Jul 2008


Assalamualaikum all!

Just thought i wanted to post my geography video here.
Friends,if you want to download it,you may do so at my Multiply. :)
Others,you may download it but i see no benefit of doing so...

Have any of you ever thought of why we tend to disrespect our mothers when we know that we ought to respect them the most?
From the book i borrowed from Fatihah,it stated a fact that made me go:"Oh yeahhh...Tak perasan pulak."


We all know that paradise(syurga) lies beneath our mothers' feet right?
And whose the one who wants so badly wants to distance us from paradise?
Syaitan!Iblis!You name it.
Hence,since paradise lies beneath our mothers' feet,its natural for them to make us disrespect our mothers!Geddit?
Astarghfirullah...How cruel.

Let us defeat these cruel beings by giving our beloved mothers the respect they deserve!

Well,that's all for now.

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