21 Jul 2008

Ingatlah Allah nescaya Dia akan mengingati kamu

Assalamualaikum fellow readers!

Had stomach cramp this morning at school.
Skipped tilawah and agonised in the toilet for about 45 mins.
Yeah.It was that bad.

Why did you go to school when you know you had stomach cramps? you might ask.
Well,as i mentioned above,it happened at school when i just arrived.
So then,dad picked me up from school.

Slept for hours,woke up because it was raining.Couldn't go to sleep again.
Went to kitchen.Saw Pepsi in the fridge.Took one bottle and gulp it all down.Relief.
Pepsi does help stomach cramps.
I read in an old science book,it said that if you have abdominal pains,you should take carbonated crackers(something like that).So,i guess since Pepsi is a carbonated drink,its the same lah kan?
Plus,Pepsi has loads of 'gas'(?) in it,so it does cool down the pain.

Anyways,while drinking Pepsi,i began thinking.
How in the world am i to survive in KUIS(if i go there insyaAllah) if i keep getting sick?
Migraine,tonsillitis,stomach cramps...
I cant expect mum or dad to fetch me all the way from Singapore can i?
Well,of course not.

So,i decided to train myself to always be prepared for these common sickness of mine.
I must prepare all the necessary items needed if one of the sickness hit me.
InsyaAllah,i wont need to call my parents.*grin*
Eh,can we stay in the dorm and skip class if we're sick???

Im watching History Channel now.Its airing a documentry about Bigfoot.
Its real you know,these bigfoots.
There's a book called Bercakap Dengan Jin by a guy named Tamar Jalis(not real name).
In the book,Tamar talks about his supernatural experiences he shared with his grandfather when he was a teenage.
There was one of his books that talked about bigfoots.His grandfather claimed that its some sort of caveman who is left out on modernisation.All because they live in the jungle.
Kinda interesting these bigfoots...

Anywhos,im gonna stop now.
Got a maths test tommorow.Maths paper 2 mock exam. sigh.

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