26 Jul 2008

Selamat tinggal pada semua...berpisah kita selamanya...

Assalamualaikum fellow readers! so tired...
Had Student Leader rehearsal today at school.Had to arrive at 7.30.
Reached there at 7.35.
Ok lah tu..Only 5 minutes late.. heh

The rehearsal was for the handing over ceremony(?) of tugasan from the retiring Exco members(thats the sec 5s) to the newly selected ones.
Other than a few missing members,the rehearsal went well.

Then,went to TKC with mak for early baju raya hunting.
I insisted on finding baju raya now so i can focus on my O level in September.(tak payah susah payah dengan haus-haus tekak nak pergi geylang/First lady untuk cari baju last minute.)
Frankly,i dont like First Lady.
Baju photocopy machine.Beli yang cantik je,tau-tau bila keluar jalan raya,terserempak ramai yang pakai baju sama.
I dont like it.Tak unik.heh.

Anyways,hunting for clothes went preety well today Alhamdulillah.
Usually,i'd take hours to find the right clothes.I guess my picky mood wasnt in today.

Then we ate at the TKC restaurant.NASI GORENG dia...subhanAllah...SEDAAAAAAAP!!!
Erm,even though there was a small chunck of salt in my rice but all in all,it was very delicious.
And i like the banana split too.The nuts they used on the ice cream is super crunchy.YUM!

Then mak and I went to bugis to survey some middle-east restaurants.
After walking in circles for about half an hour,we went to Bugis junction.
Alhamdulillah,rezeki Qur,dapat beli beg baru...Thank you mak. :D

Then we went to Zam Zam to buy murtabak hehe...
Lama tak makan murtabak...
Well,that's all for today.

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