30 Aug 2008

Ramadhan Bulan Yang Suci

Assalamualaikum fellow brothers and sisters in Islam!

First and foremost,Qurcya nak ucapkan
Semoga harinya dipenuhi barakah dah rahmat dariNya.

Malam ini,sesudah masuknya waktu fardhu Maghrib,kita dah boleh mula niat berpuasa sempena bulan Ramadhan!

Alhamdulillah,bertemu juga kita dengan bulan penuh barakah ini. :)
Malam ni juga,dah boleh sembahyang terawikh.
Tak kiralah di masjid,bawah kolong blok ataupun di rumah.

Pokoknya,ambilah kesempatan dari kesihatan yang diberi untuk menunaikan ibadah ini.
Bulan Ramadhan je boleh sembahyang terawikh.

Itu sahaja untuk hari ini.
Qurcya nak kena belajar.Prelim practical hari rabu ni.
Doakan Qurcya ya?

رمضان كريم
Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa!
24 Aug 2008

Reality Check

Next week: 1st Ramadhan+September Holidays
Next 2 weeks: Start of O Level Prelims
Next 5 weeks: 1st Syawal aka HARI RAYA PUASA!
Next 7 weeks: O Level begins

The numbers are becoming smaller arent they?
Last i counted,they were 2-digit numbers.
Now they're one.

I'm not sure why,but im looking foward to my prelims.
Its like a trial war for me against myself.
To see how prepared i am for the real thing.
To push myself to study more.
To motivate myself more and gain more confidence.
You can do it Qurcya InsyaAllah...

And everytime i feel hopeless,like i cant study anymore,
when the things i study dont make any sense,
when words in the books are a blur,
when my head is bursting,
when my eyes are strained from excessive night studying,
when revision is a nightmare,
when the stress level is so high it feels like my eyeballs are popping out,
when it feels like i want to give up,that failing O level isnt that bad,

i will always remember these 2 verses from the Quran;
1. فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
verily,with every difficulty,there's relief

2.لاَ يُكَلِّفُ اللّهُ نَفْسًا إِلاَّ وُسْعَهَا
Allah doesnt give us a burden that we cant handle.

These verses helped motivate me.
You may want to remember these verses as well.Its helpful. :)
And remember,when you need help,always seek help from Allah.

That's about all.
21 Aug 2008


Assalamualaikum dearest readers
Well,im currently addicted to the song Fisabilillah by Firdaus.
Its kinda cathy and refrshing...
i dont know.heh.

Well,ive been feeling oddly cold these past few days.
I thought it was the weather but my other family members were feeling perfectly normal.
The tips of my fingers are ice cold..even NOW.
Initially i presume it was symptoms of fever...but..hmm...*touches forehead*..nah,no fever.Not today...

Well,Ramadhan is just around the corner!Alhamdulillah...
I cant wait!I have long awaited for Ramadhan.
I dont know..but Ramadhan feels kinda special dont you agree?
Anyways,i know that some of us,even me,thinks that fasting is a way to cut down on our weight.
True.BUT,you must first and foremost remember that your intention to fasting is for Allah.(Fisabilillah) and it must be ikhlas.

One of the other special events of Ramadhan is terawikh prayers.
Well, i know some people who attend terawikh prayers to see a certain someone.
Well,u may see them,but your first intention is to do it for Allah.
If you happen to see that special someone,take it as a coincidence.rezeki...hehe

Well,that's about it.
Have chemistry test tommorow.
And English Oral exam next monday.
Cant wait!

16 Aug 2008

A long day out

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

So yesterday went to the Nisfu Sya'ban thingy with Syahirah Hamzah.
We went by free shuttle bus.
Saw Fahimah there.She was one of the volunteers who helped with the program.
Also saw Ilyana with her mum.
And Hindun(the primary 5 girl) and also Shikin (sec 4).

Ustaz Shafi was really good.He knows how to control the crowd and i could hardly feel sleepy throughout the entire program.

It was a new experience for me because ive never been to these things before..
But,there's one thing that i just cannot tahan...

lol.And the thing finished at about..what,11pm?
Yeah..I could eat up an entire dining table full of food last night.

I enjoyed the night outside..felt kinda refreshing...
And last night was so very clear!Did you notice?
There wasnt a cloud in the sky...And the moon!SubhanAllah...

Oh,last night there was a moon eclipse,did you know?
I woke up at 3,initially i wanted to view the entire process but alas,the moon was blocked by some flats..
So i thought maybe i could look out from the corridor..
But as i peeped through the door's peep hole,i realised that it was,well,dark.
VERY dark.
So i stayed inside the comfort of my lighted home.

Anyways,arrived at Admiralty at about 12am.
Told mum to pick me up.heh.
Hey,it was getting REALLY late..
Then i told mum to treat me to McD.heh.

So,since i was out all day,im gonna have to do a LOT of revision today.
*sniff sniff*Mmm..Mum's cooking Tom Yam!
Adios for now!

15 Aug 2008

Coming into gear 5 insyaAllah

Assalamualaikum dear readers.
Well,as you can see,updates are very few these past week..
Mugging for prelims..its right after the September holidays..
Thats about...3 weeks plus from now??wooh..

Well.tommorow is nisfu sya'ban...
What's special about Nisfu Sya'ban you ask?

Nisfu Sya'ban this year falls tonight,after Maghrib.
Nisfu Sya'ban is the time of year when our book of deeds(buku catatan amalan) for the year is brought up to Him and replaced with a new one.

Hence,lets all end our book of deeds with good deeds insyaAllah.
Here's some of the things we're to do on Nisfu Sya'ban:
(i'll write in malay eh..)

1. Lepas solat Maghrib,sembahyang sunat Nisfu Sya'ban 2 rakaat.(First rakaat baca Fatihah & surah Al-Qadr. Second rakaat baca al-Fatihah & surah al-Ikhlas 3 kali)

2. Sesudah itu,baca Yasin 3 kali;
i) Selepas Yasin pertama; mohon dipanjangkan umur untuk beribadah pada Allah
ii) Selepas Yasin kedua; Mohon rezeki yang halal
iii) Selepas Yasin ketiga; Mohon ditetapkan iman dan islam & mati dalam iman & segala apa yang baik insyaAllah.

3. Istirghfar 11 kali & baca doa nisfu Sya'ban(doa ini terdapat dalam Yasin Majmu')

4.Baca surah ikhlas 1000 kali (it's worth it)

Well,that's all my sparse knowledge is able to share with you...
Do correct me if im wrong at any point here..i err.That's normal.

if you feel like doing these amalan but think its kinda weird to do it by yourself(well,it happens...),this evening,there's a sort of ceramah at Bishan,Masjid an-Nadhah by Ustaz Shafi.
It starts at 6.15pm and ends at about 8.30++.

Well,that's all for now.
Gonna do some more maths.
And maybe some chemistry...
8 Aug 2008

Sabar Qur...Sabar

Ok,so get this.
I was in front of the laptop since 6am to 7.20am updating about yesterdays's national Day celebration at school and my visit to Al Junied's National Day Observense 2 days ago.

And just when i was getting hyped up sharing my thoughts about an interesting issue with you all in my blog,guess what?

The internet connection terputus.

*creek creek*

And to retype and repost the entire story really takes time.
So i'll update next time eh?
I wanna do some maths.
That's all for now!