16 Aug 2008

A long day out

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

So yesterday went to the Nisfu Sya'ban thingy with Syahirah Hamzah.
We went by free shuttle bus.
Saw Fahimah there.She was one of the volunteers who helped with the program.
Also saw Ilyana with her mum.
And Hindun(the primary 5 girl) and also Shikin (sec 4).

Ustaz Shafi was really good.He knows how to control the crowd and i could hardly feel sleepy throughout the entire program.

It was a new experience for me because ive never been to these things before..
But,there's one thing that i just cannot tahan...

lol.And the thing finished at about..what,11pm?
Yeah..I could eat up an entire dining table full of food last night.

I enjoyed the night outside..felt kinda refreshing...
And last night was so very clear!Did you notice?
There wasnt a cloud in the sky...And the moon!SubhanAllah...

Oh,last night there was a moon eclipse,did you know?
I woke up at 3,initially i wanted to view the entire process but alas,the moon was blocked by some flats..
So i thought maybe i could look out from the corridor..
But as i peeped through the door's peep hole,i realised that it was,well,dark.
VERY dark.
So i stayed inside the comfort of my lighted home.

Anyways,arrived at Admiralty at about 12am.
Told mum to pick me up.heh.
Hey,it was getting REALLY late..
Then i told mum to treat me to McD.heh.

So,since i was out all day,im gonna have to do a LOT of revision today.
*sniff sniff*Mmm..Mum's cooking Tom Yam!
Adios for now!


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