15 Aug 2008

Coming into gear 5 insyaAllah

Assalamualaikum dear readers.
Well,as you can see,updates are very few these past week..
Mugging for prelims..its right after the September holidays..
Thats about...3 weeks plus from now??wooh..

Well.tommorow is nisfu sya'ban...
What's special about Nisfu Sya'ban you ask?

Nisfu Sya'ban this year falls tonight,after Maghrib.
Nisfu Sya'ban is the time of year when our book of deeds(buku catatan amalan) for the year is brought up to Him and replaced with a new one.

Hence,lets all end our book of deeds with good deeds insyaAllah.
Here's some of the things we're to do on Nisfu Sya'ban:
(i'll write in malay eh..)

1. Lepas solat Maghrib,sembahyang sunat Nisfu Sya'ban 2 rakaat.(First rakaat baca Fatihah & surah Al-Qadr. Second rakaat baca al-Fatihah & surah al-Ikhlas 3 kali)

2. Sesudah itu,baca Yasin 3 kali;
i) Selepas Yasin pertama; mohon dipanjangkan umur untuk beribadah pada Allah
ii) Selepas Yasin kedua; Mohon rezeki yang halal
iii) Selepas Yasin ketiga; Mohon ditetapkan iman dan islam & mati dalam iman & segala apa yang baik insyaAllah.

3. Istirghfar 11 kali & baca doa nisfu Sya'ban(doa ini terdapat dalam Yasin Majmu')

4.Baca surah ikhlas 1000 kali (it's worth it)

Well,that's all my sparse knowledge is able to share with you...
Do correct me if im wrong at any point here..i err.That's normal.

if you feel like doing these amalan but think its kinda weird to do it by yourself(well,it happens...),this evening,there's a sort of ceramah at Bishan,Masjid an-Nadhah by Ustaz Shafi.
It starts at 6.15pm and ends at about 8.30++.

Well,that's all for now.
Gonna do some more maths.
And maybe some chemistry...

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