21 Aug 2008


Assalamualaikum dearest readers
Well,im currently addicted to the song Fisabilillah by Firdaus.
Its kinda cathy and refrshing...
i dont know.heh.

Well,ive been feeling oddly cold these past few days.
I thought it was the weather but my other family members were feeling perfectly normal.
The tips of my fingers are ice cold..even NOW.
Initially i presume it was symptoms of fever...but..hmm...*touches forehead*..nah,no fever.Not today...

Well,Ramadhan is just around the corner!Alhamdulillah...
I cant wait!I have long awaited for Ramadhan.
I dont know..but Ramadhan feels kinda special dont you agree?
Anyways,i know that some of us,even me,thinks that fasting is a way to cut down on our weight.
True.BUT,you must first and foremost remember that your intention to fasting is for Allah.(Fisabilillah) and it must be ikhlas.

One of the other special events of Ramadhan is terawikh prayers.
Well, i know some people who attend terawikh prayers to see a certain someone.
Well,u may see them,but your first intention is to do it for Allah.
If you happen to see that special someone,take it as a coincidence.rezeki...hehe

Well,that's about it.
Have chemistry test tommorow.
And English Oral exam next monday.
Cant wait!


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