24 Sep 2008

Feels Good Doesnt It?

Assalamualaikum fellow readers.

Prelim results are out.
Honestly,i achieved worse than expected.
Honestly,im disappointed with the marks i get for my geography and languages.
I aimed higher...

But then again,perhaps,this is the best for me.
I found something in Atiqah Haizan's blog that i thought was very motivating.
It stated that;

If we were to supplicate to Allah,and He ansewered our suplication immedietely,that means He loves us.
If He ansewers it later,that means He's testing us.
If He doesn't answer at all,that means He has something BETTER planned for us.
Allah loves us.Never think bad towards Allah.Never assume that Allah hates you,because He doesnt.

So lets say we prayed hard,supplicated a lot and really studied hard for our prelims and our results are very very very disappointing,
To the extend that we want to give up and just get on with O levels without even trying,
To the extend that we label ourselves as stupid and worthless human being,
always remember that Allah is there for us,watching us.

So maybe my results are open windows for a new beginning.
For me to do even better.For me to try harder.
Nothing's free in this world.Seriously.We have to work hard.
And that's what i intend to do.
Work harder.Better.And be a stronger muslimah,mu'minah and student,insyaAllah...

Oh,im in love with this selawat at the moment. :D

That's about all for now.

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