4 Oct 2008

reading is FUN!

Assalamualaikum all!

Well,my cousin,Muzz,told me to read a short story of his in his Facebook page.
Well,since reading is vital nowadays,especially with the upcoming O's,i've decided to drop in and read for a bit..

And i didn't regret it one bit!haha.
His story is HILARIOUS!And his english is good too. *winkwink*
Visit his facebook page here and read his story.Its very interesting,really.

Well,been doing revisions at home and well...
I dunno.
I just really want to get done with O Level.
Sometimes i hope that by blinking innumerable times in a short period of time,somehow the world will move quicker and suddenly i'll be in the near future.
But of course,we all know that's never possible.Scientifically that is.

5 days left till graduation from Irsyad.
Happy?Not really.
What's the word... Oh,anxious?

Very much.
Im not quite sure what to expect.But one thing's for sure,everyone in class said they WON'T CRY on graduation day.Well,we'll see.

By the way,anyone know where i can find beautiful,long skirts?
I've tried This Fashion,Metro,John Little,and some department stores in Causeway Point and some small shops in the Woodlands area..
So far the types of skirts i found are the 'kembang' type.Like the brown skirt on the left.
What im looking for is something simple,A-cut skirt...
Like the pink one on the right.

If anything,do tag on my tagboard,thank you. :)

I'll go study now.

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