11 Nov 2008

Pejuang ingin berehat sebentar

Assalamualaikum all!

Well,it's been a while since i've posted an entry in English yeah?
So here i am.Posting in English. :)

Alhamdulillah,at 9am today,i officially ended my O level exams.
Overall,im contented with my papers,alhamdulillah.Though,i do expect really low marks for my maths.
I know and realise that i didnt perform well for my maths paper.
It all depends on fate,and the marker.

All that's left for me to do is pray for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Unfortunately though,one of my friends don't get to share the feeling of content,stress-free and happiness with me today...I feel so very sorry for her.
But what's done is done.We can't put back an egg yolk inside its shell once we break it out right?
I can only pray for her to be patient.

Things happen for a reason.We all know that but sometimes,it's just difficult to accept it.
Allah loves us.Naturally.Unless we turn away from Him and become munafiq or kafir.
He has written down our fate and everything is for our own good.
It's the best for us.

A baker knows his bread better than us.
An artist knows his work better than us.
Parents know their own child better than others.
Allah knows us better than we know ourselves,because it is He who created us.
Dare we question His choice?Astarghfirullah....

We should embrace every difficulty that comes in our way because it is Allah's way of showing His love for us.He wants us to be stronger,wiser and more patient.
He wants the best and only the best for us.

If we do feel sad,let the sadness be temporary.
Life's too short to fill it with sadness...Its a waste of time being sad.
You take time to cry,
time to think,
time to reminice,
time to recall the past memories....
Sadness is a waste of time.
And those who wastes are friends of syaitan. Na'udzubillah!
Be strong O my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. :D

Let this be a reminder to me and everyone who reads this blog.

Being on that topic,i do get curious about who's been reading my blog..
Would it be ok to tag something everytime you read my blog?hehe.
Its very intriguing watching the number on my hits counter shoot up.
Its almost up to 5000 hits! SubhanAllah..

Well,that's all for now i guess.
Till next time .

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