8 Dec 2008

Breakdancing Finger,birthdays,birthdays and more birthdays!

Assalamualaikum everyone. :)

So,yesterday went to my grandmothers' house in the morning.
Then went to Cik Hasil (my uncles') house after Dzuhur prayers.
After the usual tahlil and small talks,we ate.A lot. hehe

We then watched the movie Wanted.I didn't get to see the entire movie though but it was good.Very intriguing.

Then kak Umi showed me a website filled with fun facts called
Maybe some of you guys already heard of it.
There, i found this very cute video of a breakdancing finger.Yes.Well,not just A finger.All five of them. So adorable. It can even do the moonwalk! haha

Such a talented hand.*wipe tears*

Ok,its the 9th of December today,so i'd like to wish a happy birthday to my little cousin in Malaysia,Muadz. :)
Haven't seen him for quite some time. last i saw him was during Raya and he said i look like this one wrestler. Cant remember his name. =.='
haha.. redha je lah...

Yesterday was Azlina's 17th Birthday.(Finally!haha)
And tomorrow ,on the 10th is my lovely,beloved cousin,Huda's 17th Birthday!(again,FINALLY.haha)
Really miss talking to her. May Allah bless you with a good life in this world,and in the hereafter,insyaAllah...

(Oh, by the way,Az and Hudzy, if you're reading this,im turning 18 in 26 more days. muahahaha!

Well,that's all for today.

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