13 Dec 2008

Sharing is Caring

Assalamualaikum dearest sisters and brothers.

Ilmu akan bertambah ,
dengan diajarkannya ;
dan akan berkurang ,
jika terus dipendam begitu saja .

I haven't been updating for days,as you can probably see.
Reason being ; i have no idea what to blog about.
But now i do.

Having read the above syair from La Tahzan,i want to share tutorials with all.
The thing is,i don't know what to share.
So,i want your say on this.(yes you.You who are currently reading my blog.)

Tell me any kind of tutorials that you want me to share with you.
Be it html codes,picture editting or layout making.
InsyaAllah,i'll share with you the little knowledge Allah has lent me,sekadar yang termampu. :)

So go ahead.Tell me via my tagboard. Don't be shy. :)
I'm looking foward to your answers. :) *eager face*


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