22 Dec 2008

When nothing is simply nothing

Assalamualaikum fellow bloggers and bloghoppers! :)

Initially,since about 2 days ago,i've been wanting to update.
But alas,my fingers and mind just wouldnt budge.
tkde connection kot.

Well,when my mood comes,i'll update about me and Syaira H going to Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam,and also the tag thingy that bro Hairul has tagged me with.

Oh yes.New layout.Preety simple i guess.
I've been making dozens of layouts for the past few days because i was getting bored of the previous one.
Yet,tak ada yang berkenan di hati.huhu..

So that's all for today.
Nothing interesting.

Oh wait,there is!
This Saturday,there's an Underground Nasyid Gig featuring Far East,Mirwana,Varian and loads more!
Pergi cari passport.
Because this gig in in Selangor. :D

That's all for today then.

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