20 Jan 2009

I Wonder Why...


I had a sudden thought...

Notice that when images of war between Israel and Palestine are flashed on TV screens or some websites,we always take time to curse,swear and say bad things about the zionists.

Sometimes cursing alone by ourselves is not enough.We would call a friend,our brothers,sisters,parents- anyone for that matters,to share the animosity with.

Then we take some more time to continue saying words of hatred and relishing every moment of it.

Then we would take some more time to cool down and finally make doa and give alms of Al Fatihah for our brothers and sisters in Islam.

Wouldn't it be better if instead of wasting time cursing,we use it for more doas?
Wouldn't it be better to use the time taken for hatred for something that Allah loves?
Wouldn't it be better if more time were spent in making doa than spitting out poisons of swears?

That's what i've been thinking.

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