15 Jan 2009

Sinar Iman di Jiwa Menghiasi Diri...

Assalamualaikum dearest brothers and sisters. :)

I'm sure none of you are wondering what i've been up to these past few days right?
Nevermind.I'm gonna tell you anyway. :D

So,some of my friends have already start applying for A Levels or Pre-U in local madrasah or filled in their Form A for courses in Poly.
Me?Im patiently awaiting the anouncement of SPM results.
Why SPM?
Because application forms in UIA are available only after SPM results are out,which by the way is in March. :D yipee.

Hmm,you sure seem confident about going to UIA.
Honestly,i'm not. I don't know if i'm up to it but i'm willing to try,insyaAllah.
But Qurcya,what if you don't get accepted?
Well,i plan to apply at KUIS then.Where else?
Why apply for diploma overseas?Why not stay in Singapore?
I want experience.I want to be independant,insyaAllah. Besides,did you know that being away from home really helps you study better?
Really?But you've never been away from home for more than 5 days...
When there's a will,there's a way! :D Besides,there's always a beginning to something right?




Ok,never mind me.I'm just trying to convince myself.

So,what have i been up to these past few days?
I think you can actually see the results of my works these past few days.
Making layouts. :D
Well i've done some other things but,takkan nak cakap semua kan? huhu...

Well,going to An-Nur mosque for work with Azlina later.(heh,
Hmm..i have the sudden urge to go to the library..Maybe tommorow? Siapa nak ikut?hehe

Ok,that's all for now.
I honestly have no idea what to update about.I just didn't want my blog to be dead.heh.

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