1 Feb 2009

Takdir Penentu

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

February's here.
Most of my friends are already in school either taking Pre-U level,studying in Poly or racking their brains in JC.
Some are also retaking their papers in some private schools.
Wherever you are,whatever it is you guys are doing,i wish you all the best,and will certainly pray for your best as well. :)
Study smart,and have consistency in your ibadah as well.
Don't let others influence you.Its you who have to influence others o' future caliphs. :P (insyaAllah)
Go for it guys! :D

As for me,well,let's keep it hush hush at the moment.
I'll update more about me when the time comes.
One thing for sure,i'm looking forward to going to KL the day after tommorow.(perghh,macam nama movie pula.haha)

Whatever for?
We will find out after the break.
But do make doa for me,insyaAllah.May Allah bless you. :)

Ah yes.
New layout.
Mum hates it.hehe.

It's ok.I just wanted something simple.
This layout for me is also something new.
As you can see,this layout does not have any images that needs to be uploaded or editted.
They're merely codes,codes and more codes.huhu.

Well,that's all for today.
Have a nice day ahead!
If you're sick,do consume some medication or consult a doctor. :)


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