29 Mar 2009



Just arrived from KL.My entire body's aching and screaming for me to put minyak kapak on it.

I am just human and i have numerous flaws.
Uncountable,in fact,to say the least.
I have to keep reminding myself this:
"what we want isn't necessarily good for us,and what we hate isn't necesarily bad for us."

Allah knows best and He knows what's best for us.

Usually,when escaping a room,we will look for the main door.The exit.That one door.
What we don't usually realise are the windows.
Who says we must always exit by the door? A window is also a way out,right?
(tapi kenalah panjat.agak payah sikit.Tapi tetap dapat keluar kan?)

I went to IIC ( International Islamic College) yesterday.If plan A fails,then this will be my plan B insyaAllah.

Happy 18th to my dearest friend,Syahirah Salino!
May Allah bless you. :) Semoga berjaya dunia akhirat! :D

Implicit faith follows voluminous effort.


ps: i miss studying.

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