29 Apr 2009

Dup dap dup dap


I miss it.

Miss that too.

Alhamdulillah,most of my friends are studying in their specific schools.
As for myself,i'm still waiting for furthur news from IIUM.
The results will be out on the 1st of May.

Thats ... (erm,hari ni 29..esok 30...ada 31 ke tak ye?)- 2 days away!
SubhanaAllah.I just realised that. heh.
Lost track of the date.Sitting home for 6 months does that to you i guess.

Well,2 days away isnt that far. I did my best throughout the application.
Now all i can do is supplicate and pray for the best.
Make doa for me and Husnul too (?) Jazakallah khairan. :)

1st May is also picnic day for my class.
Haven't seen some of them for a while...
I met most of the girls at MWTI that day...
But Nadiah,Nadia,Aminah,Fytrie,Fatin has been a while yes?
And the guys...
Fuh,2 days away... :)

So little time,so much to do.
hehe..teringat cerita Mary-kate & Ashley.
Speaking about them,i watched them on Oprah and just found out that they're merely 22 years old this year.
I thought they were 24 what with their achievements and all.

I guess it is true when they say that age isnt a barrier to success.
(ok,i made that up.But there's a saying that has the similar meaning.)

That's all for today i guess.
Cheerful sokmo~ :P



  1. wah!! IIUM! you can meet all da international students:) masya allah. so gd luck ok.wassalam

  2. insyaAllah,amin. jazakillah khairan ! :D w'km salam. :)