1 May 2009

Class Picnic #3


Alhamdulillah. Yesterdays' picnic was fun.
Atikah,Fatin F,Syahirah Hamzah,Nadia Ithnin and Arif couldn't make it though.

Syaiwa,Azlina and myself were the first to arrive at our meeting place.Followed by Syamel,Azhar,Tam,Faris,Nabzie,Najihah,Ilyana and Fatin O. Met Hassan at the busstop near East Coast Park. We then walked to our site.

I'd say East Coast Park isn't the best place to hold our picnic. It was too crowded and there was too much to be seen. The should see and should not sees.. Also,the explainable and the unexplainable...(Hasanah and Farah should know what i mean).

There wasn't a proper place for solah. We had to pray at the exit staircase of an arcade nearby. Played some games afterwards.hehe.
Finding a clean toilet was tiring as well. All of the toilets were either full or deserted due to unhygenic reasons. (swine flu!)
Hasnah and myself ended up using the toilet at a bowling place. (jauh merantau.hehe)

Overall,it was fun. :)
Had story sharing sessions,water-bombing the birthday boy(Hadi),cycling,sand-burying,pictures...Went home at 5pm+ and joined the guys for 'asr prayers at a mosque in Eunos.
To all,happy studying! Make irsyad proud alright? May Allah bless all of
Take good care of your iman,health and wellbeing,insyaAllah.
Do make
doa for Fauzi,Husnul and myself. InsyaAllah we will meet again when the time
comes. :)

I didn't take much pictures. But i'll post what i have. :)


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