13 May 2009

Fix the problem,not the blame

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

First and foremost, no. Still no reply from IIUM. :)
(Barangsiapa yang selalu bersabar,pasti akan beroleh kemenangan.)

I read a very very VERY interesting story in Life is an Open Secret (its a motivational book by Zabrina A.Bakar)
and i just want to share it with all. :)


There was once a man who felt that his wife was having a bit of hearing problem. Trying to spare her feelings, he secretly decided to meet their family doctor for advise. The doctor suggested that the husband used the easiest and oldest technique to test his wife's problem. That technique would be able to tell the doctor of how bad is the wife's hearing loss.

"You have to stand about 40 feet away from her and have a normal chit chat with her using your normal voice and tone. If she could not hear you, come closer to 30 feet. If she still couldn't hear you, do it at 20 feet and continue untill she could hear you."

"Sounds easy", said the man delightfully. So, later that day, when his wife was preparing dinner, he estimated his distance from his wife.

40 feet. Yup, that's about that, he whispered to himself. "What are we having for dinner, honey?", he asked using his normal voice tone. She didn't answer.

So, he came closer. 30 feet... he estimated carefully. Again, he asked, "What are we having for dinner, honey?" Still no response.

Wow, this is bad, he said to himself while moving into 20 feet from his wife. Again,there was no response.

He continued and became so close to her that he was just standing beside her when he asked, "Honey, what's for dinner?"

His wife turned to him and said,

"For goodness sake,fir the seventh time my dear. I said it is CHICKEN!"

Get the story?
It wasn't his wife who had hearing problems.It was him all along.
Ever been in a situation where we keep blaming others when things go wrong?

"And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands
have earned. And He pardons much."

Every misfortune that happens to us is actually done by ourselves.Its our own fault. Astarghfirullah....

We can't blame the MRT for being slow when wer'e already late for school.Why didn't we wake up earlier?
We can't blame the small stone we stepped on thus hurting ourselves. Why weren't we careful?
We keep blaming other people for our own mistakes and carelesness when it is us,ourselves who needs mending.

Also remember that Allah never gives us a challenge that we can't handle.


Have a nice day all! :)


  1. salam perjuangan....(^_^)
    kadang2 bile berlakunya kekurangan..kite akan cr kesalahan org lain,yg pada akhirnya,sebenarnya ia datang dr kita...

    InsyaAllah,mg sgl kekurangan dapat kita atasi dgn hikmah


  2. haha such a funny story:) yar so true..smtimes we blame others without realising tat it is our fault. great reminder.. looking forward for more.

  3. haha such a funny story:) yar so true..smtimes we blame others without realising tat it is our fault. great reminder.. looking forward for more.

  4. Butterfly: insyaAllah,amin. memang manusia ni banyk terbuat silap tapi jarang2 dpt mengaku salah.Smoga kta menjadi antara mereka2 yg mengaku silap sendiri. :)

    mawaddah: manusia mmg selalu leka dan cepat lupa.smoga cerita itu dpt mnjadi peringatan pd diri ini dn juga pada semua insyaAllah. :)