22 Jul 2009

what makes us different

Assalamualaikum wr wb.
"Sebutir MUTIARA yang BERHARGA lahir dari seekor tiram yang berkualiti. Duduknya di dasar laut yang dalam, semakin DALAM ia Semakin TINGGI nilainya. Begitulah perumpamaan MARUAH seorang MUSLIMAH..."

(derived from aminmenulis)

Backstreet Boys.
Ah? What do they have to do with the above quote?
Nothing really. But one of their songs do.Some of you may have heard it. Its entitled "
What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful." It's in my blog's music player. :)

Even the mere song title is intriguing isn't it?
Though in the song it describes someone so dear and special to them, to me,it may also be used to describe a true muslim's view of a true muslimah.
Let's look at the lyrics together shall we?

1.You don't run with the crowd,you go your own way
As muslimahs,we go with the muslimah crowd. Not with the others.
If they want to dress up all trendy,let them.
If they want to cover their natural beauty with chemicals called
make-up, let them.
If they want to show off their hair,dye it,curl it etc,let them.
We are muslimahs. We are special enough as we are.

2.You don't play after dark
Memang tak elok pun keluar malam-malam.hehe

3.Got your own kind of style that sets you apart

Enough said. :)

4.I know sometimes you feel like you don't fit in
It's normal. Especially for teens like us. My personal thoughts,it's better that way. Not only do we impress Allah by not being like the majority, but it also makes us unique. Now isn't that special my dear sisters?

These are just some of the lyrics that i can relate to us being muslimahs.
Though these point of views are from a mere girl who still have a lot to learn,i presume the brothers would agree with me saying that a true muslimah is priceless and extremely special compared to those who only act or seem like it.

May Allah guide us to be good muslims and muslimahs.
May Allah always be with us and remind us when we go astray.
May Allah protect us all insyaAllah.


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  1. salam=) i love ur posts!! yeah we are very proud about our hijab and in my personal opinion, we the muslimah are the modern ones and those who never wear the hijab or tudung are the kolot ones . because before Allah turunkan ayat menyuruh pakai hijab, orang arab pakai macam mat salih pki sekarang. so now we are the modern ones . we are the trendy ones cos we cover our body wif beautiful clothes not like those who claim themselves trendy?? pakai miniskirt trendy? baju nmpk ketiak trendy?? klu nk seksi.. baik telanjang.. lagi bagus.. we shudn be malu..they are da ones who shud malu cozz they all tk cukup kain nak tutp aurat diorang..kesian...
    sorry for my long comments.. it just feels so weird when we humans go aginst Allah and came out with our own opinions bout the issye on hijab