27 Aug 2009

The problem is...

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

A beautiful and perfect religion. There are no problems or defects in Islam.
If you think or presume that Islam is otherwise,then, it is not to be blamed on the religion- but on the people. The Muslims. Us.

What are the problems of Muslim in the modern world?

That was the question asked by my History lecturer in class yesterday.
We sought the answers in a group and discussed together.

Here are some of the answers given:-

1) Lose Identity
Muslims nowadays have lost their identity as muslims,as the slaves of Allah, as caliphs.
We are too easily influenced. This may be a result of our weak foundation of faith,belief and knowledge on Islam.

Some of the things that affects us majorly are the 3S's (according to one of my classmates) which are songs, sports and sex. We are easily influenced by the western culture and neglecting our own Islamic cultures...Our identity...our origin. Think about it.

2)Lack in the sense of brotherhood
Muslims nowadays has lost our sense of unity. No more does the saying "One for all,all for one" exists in us. Its like, all we think about is ourselves. We are being indifferent and insensitive towards our other brothers and sisters in Islam.

An example is when one of our brothers or sisters need help and we just ignore them. What if the one seeking help is our own brother? Our sister? Our parents? and noone want to help them? How would we feel? Hence, treat others as we want them to treat us or our loved ones.

This is preety much connected to the above point. Let's just look at examples of situations.

Situation: We are breaking fast together with our friends. One of our friends is eating just bread and plain water. 'Ah,maybe she's on a diet. Ah well...' we might think. Or 'Oh...maybe he's saving up for somthing.' We might conclude. But who knows,maybe the reason they eat such little amount of food is because they have insufficient money? Did we even ask? If we did, what did we do to help or make a difference?

Remember,to create a difference,you don't have to do something grand. Even the smallest act is enough.

I guess that is all i can share for today.
In resolving a problem,start small,begin from the inside. Mend ourself before pointing fingers at others,insyaAllah.

May Allah strengthen our Iman and may we become better muslims and mu'mins insyaAllah.


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