28 Sep 2009

Exam week

Assalamualaikum wr.

Exam week this week till the 5th of October.
Had my 2nd English Placement Test(EPT). Reading was ok,alhamdulillah.
Writing...erm...the topic was 'English Should Be Learned Through The Internet'.
Honestly,i had no arguments. I didn't even know if i agreed or disagreed to the topic.

English Speaking is on the 5th.
I'm done with Basic Themes of Al Quran(BTQ). Alhamdulillah,i guess i did fairly well. What i studied came out.

So i'm left with Sociology&Anthropology(SOCA), Communication and Political Science.
InsyaAllah, i'm aiming for a 3 pointer or more. Make doa for me?please? :D Jazakallah.Baarakallahu fiik. :)

While this semester is coming to an end,i'm beginning to wonder what next semester has for me.
Assalamualaikum wr.

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