13 Sep 2009

What makes life so beautiful?

Assalamualaikum wr.

Alhamdulillah,HOME SWEET HOME! :D
Feels so nice to be able to eat something other than roti sardin or ayam goreng. huhu...
I miss mum's cooking so much.

Here it is. My revision period cum raya break. I'll be back in school on the 22nd i think.
Second day of Raya,yeah.
But i don't really mind... after about 2 weeks of final exams, there's another holiday- End of semester break! :D

So beloved friends,if we don't get the opportunity to meet during this short duration, there's another opportunity coming up. :)

Feels nice to have something to look foward to doesn't it?
A friend once asked me: What makes life so beautiful?

Being me, i thought that was a trick question so it took me quite some time to find an answer.
Turns out the answer was quite simple and straight forward.
Do you want to know what the answer is?

"Wanting to know what's going to happen tomorrow."

When we think about tomorrow,or the future, it kind of gives us hope don't you think?
It gives a sense of having a second chance to become a better person.
A chance to do something better.
A chance to improve things.
"make your tomorrow better than today"- That's what we're always told right?

You've been on the bus right? (what a question...haha)
There's the kind of bus with seats that faces the back of the bus right?
Yeah,i don't like that seat.
First reason: It makes me dizzy.
Second reason: It lets us look at what we're leaving behind instead of what we're coming to.

Let the past stay in the past and cherish the future that is to come.
These are the wise words of....
i don't know. i just made these up. :D

So yeah. That's it for now i guess.
Just a few more days of Ramadhan left. Let's make tomorrow's Ramadhan better than today's.
Who's with me? :D



  1. me!!=)) haha..i love this post.hahaks..especially make tomorrow better than today..
    ok..selamat berpuasa =)

  2. haha,lets! :D
    alhamdulillah,thanks. U too!Selamat berpuasa & Eid mubarak! :)