14 Dec 2009

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Ah, midbreak.
A one week chance to spend time with family, friends, and the books.
Have 4 more papers after the break. Basic Academic Writing, Psychology, Religions in Malaysia and Critical Thinking.

Alhamdulillah the first 3 papers were..well..doable.
Contemporary Issues in the Muslim World, Intro to Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Computer.
Whatever results i'll achieve, i can fairly say i deserve it.

I also have assignments to do. :D
My topic: Muslim Minorities in Singapore. *wriggle eyebrows*
Went to the library this morning.And it was also my first time going to the photocopy section and ACTUALLY using the machines. heh. Excited. Had to sacrifice $10 for the cashcard though..
But its ok. :)

Saw a book about Wahabi somewhere in the Reference section.
Was kinda surprised actually... Wahabi. Some say it existed and still does. Others opine that it has stopped. They say that all news about Wahabis now are mere propagandas.
As for me,all I can say now is- والله أعلم

What IS Wahabi actually?
Is it a sect or a movement?
Or do those words mean the same thing?

Why am I asking so many questions?
Because I'm curious.
But why do u want to know so much?
I dunno... i guess its due to learning critical thinking and all at school..
You know curiosity kills the cat?
Well im not a cat am I? Besides, why does it kill? I just want to know the answers. Is that wrong?Doesn't Islam teaches us to seek knowledge?
Well,yeah... But isn't asking too many questions harmful?
Hah. Now where did u get THAT idea?
Well, im not sure for most cases but questions pertaining to religion mustn't be asked too much.
You mean like what I learn in Critical Thinking class?
*shrugs* probably.
What about Ilmu Kalam?
I don't know much about Ilmu Kalam....
What's your dalil?

Narrated Al-Mughira:

"... And Allah has disliked that
(A) you talk too much about others
(B), ask too many questions (in religion), or
(C) waste your property."

Hadith, Sahih Bukhari.

But really. In classes, especially my Critical Thinking class, a lot of questions pertaining to Islam is being raised. Im not much of a critical thinker so some of those questions never really passed through my head. Even if they do, i'd merely ignore it.

You know sometimes, when you're alone and you have this sudden thought about Allah?
You'll ask yourself questions like:-
"Why does Allah create us?"
"Why does He need us?"
"How sure are we that Islam is the correct religion?Every other religions think that theirs are the right one as well..."

Or anything as such.
If you've been through this, then beware. These are Syaitan's works. They're playing with our faith,our Iman. If any of these questions ever pass you head, say Astarghfirullah and the syahadah.

What are the limitations of questioning about religion?
Hmm... *urut janggut*

What do you think?

Assalamualaikum wr.



    Moga bermanfaat.

  2. Salam. Sangat seronok guna mesin photocopy sebenarnya. Hehe..

    Tentang Wahabi tu, harap-harap artikel 'ISU Wahabiyah : Tingkap Yang Disangka Pintu' dapat membantu