24 Dec 2009

At Least...


"At least..."
A common phrase that we always use consciously or unconsciously.

"At least..."
Used to tell others to appreciate what we've done at the very least.

"At least..."
Portrays what little effort we've put into our doings.

Supposedly, it is to be used after a large amout of effort is put in and yet, the results are satisfactory. If it's fate, its fate.
But nowadays, this phrase is being used even when such minimal effort is used.

Why do we always use this phrase?
What satisfaction does it give us?
Why do the least?

Ali gets low marks because he didn't study hard.
"Ah, at least I passed..."

Siti gets disapproved by her future mother-in-law for not knowing how to cook.
"Well, at least I can cook maggi..."

Ahmad gets told off for wearing short shorts.
"At least I'm wearing something."

Minah gets scolded for her unkempt room.
"Pfft. At least its better than the rubbish dump."

But why at least?
Why can't we do our best in everything?
Why leave it to the very minimal?

No effort?
Well, we have the effort to think of an excuse and argue when someone disagrees with us don't
Why not use that effort to do our best?

Allah has given us a mind to think...
Food to gain energy...
A fully functioning body to use..
Why not use it?

We eat outside and the food isn't properly cooked-
"Tsk, cook properly lah...lokek bahan."

When we hear someone reciting the Quran without proper tajwid-
"Ah, read properly now..these are Allah's words!"

We see our favourite soccer team playing like trash-
"Kental ah! Play properly lah!" (c'mon,admit it..hehe)

We want them to do their best or to do things properly...but why aren't WE doing it ourselves?
Everything starts from ourselves.
And insyaAllah, if everything we do has the maximum effort and it is done in the name of Allah, not only will we be fruitful here but in the hereafter as well.

Lets go for it dear brothers and sisters in Islam!



  1. Nice article..

    Ingat lagi dulu masa sekolah bila mak tanya kenapa markah rendah sangat. Selamba je jawab, "Alah, lulus jugak. Orang lain ramai lagi failed."

  2. quite even happens among the leaders and politicians .

    even then, even their 'at least' sometimes isn't even there..deception it's our job to atleast dig deeper in everything that we're told.

    so that we won't be conformists and just absorb what other ppl say like a sponge..

    well, atleast i commented.. :P

  3. Salamullahi 'alaikum warahmatuhu wa barokatuh.

    Boleh tak kata camni, "At least u have the best friend, like me!!" hehe..

    Ngaku je la Qur....iya kan aje.. ^_^'

  4. ambsmart: Alhamdulillah. smoga kte smua dpt kurangkan penyakit 'at least' ni insyaAllah.. :)

    Arif: yeah.. the 'hidden atleast'. thats more dangerous..huhu.

    well, least u

    aishah jauhara: wa'alaikum salaam wa rohmatullahi ta'ala wa barokaatuh. :)

    iye aishah..iye... heh