1 Dec 2009

Random updates

Assalamualaikum wr. :)

I am so ashamed of this blog. Sangat berhabuk dan berkulat. :D
Jazakallah khairan to the taggers especially sis Fathanah.. sorry i deleted that post about guitars.
I didn't notice your reply on the tagboard. heh. Baarakallahu fiik. :)

I have no ideas yet on what to update on this blog..nothing beneficial...
So i'll just do a quick update insyaAllah.
This week is all about assignments,quizzes and due dates.
So much to do,so little time...
Ah,whoever made that statement must have problems with proper time management.

That's the key to finishing your work on time. Time management.
It would also help if we could multi-task and prioritize our works.
InsyaAllah,i've tried and it worked for me.
Yes,it'll be hard.Tiring.You have to sacrifice a bit of energy and all...
You'll get the panda eyes and the zombie-walk too.
But remember, Inna ma'al 'usri yusraa. ;)

That's this week.
This weekend i'll have to do some major hardcore revision (chewah) because our mid-term exam starts next week.

Reminder: If any of you guys see me online on Facebook or YM, tell me to go study please.:D

Next 2 weeks is our mid break week holiday...
Then its another week of mid-term exams.

That's all i know of at the moment.
Make doa for me insyaAllah. :D
Jazakallah khairan kathiran.

If you want Allah to remember you in times of hardship,remember Him in times of ease.


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