6 Jan 2010

First Birthday in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum wr wb. :)

Since i haven't updated much on my personal experiences here in Nilai, i thought i might share
this one with all. :)

Well, i turned 19 this Monday,on the 4th.
I was almost sad at first because i wouldn't be spending my birthday with my family and school friends..

But alhamdulillah,i got back to reality and told myself, "Qursiah,this is going to be the first of many. Be strong!"
And i was ok Alhamdulillah. :)

My parents couldn't come visit me because school just re-opened that day and my brothers are schooling so..yeah.heh.
I must say i wasn't expecting much from my friends here in Nilai because i've only just known them for a few months. To have them say 'Happy Birthday Qurcya!' and make dua for me was more than enough.

But they were full of surprises.
At 12am, phone vibrated. Incoming birthday messages. It went on a bit throughout the day.Jazaakallah khairan to all who sent me those messages. :)

Plus, Azlina tried to reach She gave me 2 missed calls at 12.huhu. Lepas tunggu berzaman untuk dia hantar sms atau call (which i highly doubted. :P), i decided to sms her first and THEN she wished me a birthday wish+dua.
Its ok Az.. I understand. ;P

Then, Kak Haziqah called at 12.01 to sing me the birthday song.(walhal, she was only one bed away from me. huhu) and Kak Nadya called at 12.09 along with kak Zakiah(both my roommates) they sang the birthday song as well. Which was kinda funny because i was really sleepy then. So after they sang, i smiled and asked, "korang tak ngantuk ke?hee"
They laughed.huhu. Sorry but i really did appreciate those songs even though i was half mamai at that moment. :D

That morning i had an urge to check my facebook account and was pleasantly surprised by the
warm wishes and duas. Jazaakumullahu khairan. :)

Mood lifted, i walked to class honestly not expecting anything.
But i walked into class and was greeted by a loud 'Happy Birthday Qurcya!'
Alhamdulillah..never knew i was well accepted by the others.heh.

And then in Psychology class, our lecturer,Mdm H, bought cheesecakes for us all.

Left: Cappuccino Cheesecake. Right: Marble Cheesecake.

Madam told me to cut have the first piece of each cake (there were 2 cakes) and as i was going back to my seat, the class started singing the Happy Birthday song...


But it was a pleasant experience overall,alhamdulillah.
And when i thought that was the end of it, my roommates gave me another surprise. A photo album with pictures of us for me to keep once i graduate from CFS insyaAllah.. (reminded me of the photo collage Az,Syai,Nabz,Syaira and Farah made for me as a farewell gift. ;) i didn't forget about that haa..hehe )

One of the pages in the B2-1-3 photo album. The other pics cant be published.haram.heh

see the bottom right?ada chocs. DARK mak,don't worry. hehe

And that night we ate ice-cream together and played 'telefon karat' .hehe.
Alhamdulillah,it was a very nice experience in a foreign and alien place.
As we know, Allah will take something away from us but He will replace it with something better. Allah knows best. So always believe and trust Allah no matter what.

Hazaa faqat minni wal 'aafu minkum.


  1. Oh, sudah 19 rupanya. Anyway, Happy Birthday ~ walaupun dah lewat ye..

  2. hehe..
    anak itik jalan melenggang,
    anak ikan ....? funny..

  3. ambsmart: Jazakallah. :)

    aishah: tk ingat pula anak ikan jalan mcm mana.. tapi kalau nk fikirkan,anak ikan boleh brjalan ke? :P