3 Feb 2010



I have 3 quizzes, a presentation and 2 assignments due tomorrow.
I am supposed to be asleep.
I wanted to write a blog entry but failed to do so halfway.


Because i know im supposed to be doing something else. Sleeping.
Why not i share a hadith i found on yesterday so this extremely short post won't be a waste of time and energy, insya Allah. :)

(the hadith is in Malay though...)

"Sesiapa yg sentiasa beristighfar maka Allah akn menjadikan baginya setiap kesusahan itu ada jalan keluar dan pada setiap kesempitan ada cara mengatasinya serta memberikan rezeki kepadanya daripada sumber yang tidak disangka-sangka."

Riwayat Abu Daud

So very simple isn't it?
Just by istirghfar, Allah helps us.. assists us... masyaAllah.
Why so simple?
Because Allah loves us and wants nothing but the best for us.
Really. Even when you feel like things are unfair, like life is unfair, don't get so worked up and blame Allah (na'udhubillah min dhaalik), instead, thank Him. That is a way for him to show that He still cares for us.

As we know, human err. Those who don't err are not human. (acceptable statement? premise + conclusion acceptable? heh. post-critical-thinking-class effect).Hence, Islam teaches us to practice istirghfar daily (as frequently as possible) in hope to erase our sins, no matter how great or how small.

Other than that, if we istirghfar, we well attain tranquility ( i was about to finish that sentence off with 'Nirvana'. Religions in Malaysia quiz tomorrow. Buddhism. heh.) provided that we do it with utmost sincerity to Allah.


I presume it's best that I go to sleep now. (can't think of anything much anymore.)

InsyaAllah, i will blog more after finals- which is just next week. Make doa for me? :D
My finals will begin on the 10th and finish on the 22nd. InsyaAllah after that, i will return to Singapore for about... 4 months +? hehe

Im not exactly sure what to do during that 4 months period... should i work?
in Irsyad maybe? jadi makcik kantin.hehe.


Yes. I should be asleep now.
Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

I guess this isn't an 'extremely short post' after all. :P


  1. hmm..islam is very simple.yet we make it complicated through culture and negligence of the quran and thing i think is important, is humility towards Allah..realize that we're His servants, and always remember that fact..insyaAllah humility towards others will follow suit..

    cuti 4 bulan? jual murtabak sudah.. :P

  2. Salaam.

    I agree. Islam is simple,comprehensive and very beautiful, masyaAllah...

    As what u said, we make it complicated. because we don't know the true Islam. We practice Islam because it is the religion of our ancestors- not because of Allah... May Allah guide us to the right path insyaAllah...

    jual murtabak?takpelah..beli murtabak pn cukup. :]