10 Mar 2010

How are our brothers and sisters?

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

In CFS, one of the many assignments I had to do was one about Muslim Minorities in Singapore.
This was for my Contemporary Issues in The Muslim World class.

The class was divided into groups and some of us had to do an assignment on various Muslim Minority countries..mostly in the Asia continent.
This includes Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Vietnam.
Being a Singaporean myself, i picked Singapore. I thought it would be easy chicken feet one. heh.

But finding resources was a trouble.
Books are limited and videos were... er... Let's just say i had to rely solely on reading articles.

While I was there, be it among the Malaysians or other foreign students, this question always pop up: How are the Muslims in Singapore living?

Being an ex-madrasah student, i replied based on what I experience.. based on my personal point of view.
But I'm aware that the other Muslim students, who are not studying in a Madrasah, has a different point of view. The challenges they face are different.
Even for the other Madrasah students, their point of view would be different based on their social circle.

And of course, i myself would ask them the same question. Don't you wonder how our Muslim brothers and sisters in Philippines, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine etc are living?
Getting the story first hand from them is much authentic then reading it somewhere else. (unless of course if they're lying, which i doubt.)

Hence, the assignment and little experience made me realize something..
I have not yet seen a documentary on it majority or minorities.
Maybe there is one out there but i do not yet know of. If you know any,do tell. :D

So yeah.
A documentary on Muslims.. where one Muslim brother or sister (or both) travels to a Muslim country and document their daily lives..daily challenges...what they do..the hardship they face...feel the ukhuwwah...share the experience.. MasyaAllah.. wouldn't that be great?

Rasulullah (saw) said, "The Muslims are like a body, if one part of the body hurts, rest of the body will also suffer." Meaning that the Muslims, whether they are of Chinese, African or Arabian or European origin, are one Ummah and they cannot be separated from each other.

So that's all for today i guess.
Assalaamu'alaikum. :)

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