26 Mar 2010

It wasn't that hard

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to go out and about in my abaya these past few days.
Thank you Allah for assisting me. :)

Went to causeway point in abaya yesterday and... i noticed that the ones who stares were those of our own race.. i wonder why.

Today i saw another sister in abaya at causeway point as well. Alhamdulillah..may Allah bless her.
Her abaya was beautiful though... it had this aqua blue sequins/crystals/sparkle thingy (i couldn't specs.hehe) on it. really nice. heh.

I remember someone on my tagboard named 'teman' who requested for a post on 'bid'ah baca doa beramai- ramai'. I'll post that up tomorrow insyaAllah. Afwan for the late post. May Allah bless you for your patience. :)


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