12 Mar 2010

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Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

Qur is a human.
Humans are forgetful.
Therefore Qur is forgetful.

Mak reminded me to blog about my life in CFS IIUM.
Oh, just to clear things for those who are still unclear, IIUM=UIAM (or UIA).
UIAM is the abbreviation for Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia.
IIUM stands for International Islamic University of Malaysia.
So its actually the same thing just in different languages. ^_^

I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to experience CFS.
Truly, the things i faced, learned, saw, heard, sensed.. the people i met there were ...

For instance, i found out that drinking 100 Plus (or any other isotonic drinks) helps reduce fever.heh. Maybe most of you already know that. hehe.

Also, every state in Malaysia actually has its own song.
For instance, Johor has its own song, Selangor has its own does Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu etc2.

And i also learned a few words from my roommates.
One of it is 'tok sey'. (i don't know its actual spelling but that's how they say it.heh.
It means tak nak (kan?heh.)
Another is 'koya'. I can't remember exactly what it meant.haha.

In July 2009 i was admitted to CFS (Centre for Foundation Studies; or Pusat Asasi in Malay..its like a Pre-U thingy.heh.) IIUM. Its easier to call it like that- CFS IIUM. Or just CFS would suffice.heh.

I took Human Sciences (HS).
Stayed in the room B2-1-3 for 2 semesters (or roughly 8 months).

I studies some core HS courses:-
  1. Basic Psychology
  2. Basic Communication
  3. Basic Sociology and Anthropology
  4. Basic History and Civilization
  5. Basic Political Science
  6. Contemporary Issues in The Muslim World
and also other subjects such as:-
  1. Basic Academic Writing
  2. Introduction to Islamic Revealed Knowledge
  3. Basic Themes of The Quran
  4. Religions in Malaysia
  5. Computer 1
and also English Level 6.Its the final level for English where we learn how to write proper argumentative essays, present, speak fluently etc. I studied this on the 1st sem.

Well. My first sem went well- after 2 months of homesick. hee.
My classmates were very nice. Most of them were seniors, a year older than me.
My lecturers were nice too- not just in class but outside as well.

I also had foreign friends... mostly from Kyrgyzstan.
HUH?where's that???
Here's a map of Kyrgyzstan.
(semangat tunjuk map lagi.haha.)Click to enlarge. ^_^
Just for your general knowledge.hehe.

From left, Aaliyah (Kyrgyz), me, Bermet (Kyrgyz), Olfa(Philippines), Amanbek (Kyrgyz). and the one in front is Uson (pronounced as Husein) also from Kyrgyzstan.

This was taken in the CFS library (sempat...huhu) when Bermet came to visit.She graduated during my after my first sem there. She's now in Gombak. Aaliyah is her friend- from Gombak.

I was one of the 2nd intake students.
2nd intake means we came a little later than the others who registered and were accepted on time.
They enrolled in June. Us, in July.
So, we missed a month worth of lectures.heh.

But Alhamdulillah, with help from Allah and the people He has sent to help me, I managed to pass every subject. ^_^v

My second sem was tougher...
The subjects are more challenging and requires a LOT of thinking.
I struggled.
But Alhamdulillah, i managed to pass all. :)

My classmates this sem are mostly the same age as I am.
And they're VERY smart- and talented as well.
It was fun though..they're very interactive and hyper.heh.

my classmates for Sem2 with our Critical Thinking lecturer, Xifu Naser.
(All the girls are wearing white scarves because it's Wednesday. Wajib pakai tudung putih.)
I also made a new friend: Halimah.
She's from Indonesia. Same age. But no, she's not a student.

She works at one of the stalls downstairs (my dorm is above a row of foodstalls.) selling keropok lekor.heh. Oh, and her cucur udang pun sedap.huhu.lama tak makan.
Such a sweet person...

I also went out twice with Hudzy this sem.
The first one was a kind of birthday treat. Dapat pergi zoo.hahaha.

See? Dapat pegang ular lagi. hee~(kepala ular tu
It was all fun because...
Huda was driving. hehe.takdelah.

This sem, we had a LOT of pictures taken. For my class,because we have 2 photographers in the class and in our dorm, because we want to capture our final moments as dormmates together. ^_^v

Im done with CFS.
InsyaAllah, later in July, I'll be going to IIUM main campus in Gombak, Selangor. (not KL. Selangor. for those who doesnt know.heh)

So yeah.
Thats preety much it.
I'll let the picture tell the rest of the story. :)

Everyday food. Rice with- something (usually chicken).huhu. This isnt mine by the way.

Taken in C1-01 (nombor kelas). Basic Academic Writing. There were no chairs in the classroom so semua orang duduk atas lantai.hehe.

This is my TV space. Its on level 3. My room's in level 1. I've only been up there 3 times...
Once, to study (masa tu blackout kat bawah). Another time to watch Hindi movie.hehe.
And the third time to... uh...hmm..

L-R: Ekin, Wani, Hadrah, Kira, Me, Kak Eza.

Masa tu tengan line-up amek makanan. Sempat pula bergambar.hehe

Going to the masjid for tarawikh prayers. (sempat lagi amek gambar.huhu)

Going to class. Everyone had class that time. Every Monday, 2pm if im not wrong.huhu.(PUN sempat lagi amek gambar.haha)

Our 2nd last makan-makan. My roommates (excluding 2 people). Location: Pizza Hut.hehe

Walking back to our dorms after eating at Pizza Hut. (burn the extra calories.huhu)

Our last makan-makan before they left one by one. I was the last person to leave- as usual.huhu. Great times masyaAllah...
Ukhuwwah fillah abadan abada insyaAllah.

Road to Block C,classrooms.


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