15 Mar 2010

They can. Why not us?

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.
Korean fashion.
Ah, who's not familiar with this?
It's everywhere isn't it?
Those tight leggings, short pants, colourful accessories.
They're nice. I admit. But for us to wear? Hmm.

If it covers the aurah, why not?
Take note that covering aurah excludes those fitting leggings.
Hijab + leggings= NO.Tak boleh.ممنوع.

These fashion trends...they're not originally from us Singaporeans.
Some people brought them here.
And im sure, when it first started out, people stare.

I remembered a few years back when those Japanese/Korean fashion trends just started out in Singapore..
People stared at those who wore those types of clothes like they were aliens.
But after some time, people don't mind.
Because they're used to it.

Hence, why more and more teens are wearing these kind of clothings. Because it has been accepted into our culture.
Be it for the non-Muslims or the Muslims.

When I was in CFS, i got used to wearing abaya outside even when i'm merely going to the shop to buy a carton of milk. Here, i felt odd.
Honestly, is it normal to see someone go to the wet market in abayas here?
Yep. Thought so.

But then i thought: Why feel odd? If the others can wear something that originated from somewhere else, that was once an odd sight, why can't I?
Sometimes, we tend to wait for others to do something and THEN we'd do it.
Why not WE take the first step?

Go walk around in Orchard Rd in abaya.
Go to Vivo city...Raffles Place...even Causeway Point for that matters in an abaya.
Shy? Why should we be?

People stare?
Their stares don't kill us do they?

I know... It's hard to change the norm.
But the initial step is always like that. Once we've gone through the first stage, we're fine.
I did it.
I went down to the shops downstairs in my abaya.
Yes people stared. But they also showed respect. And that felt nice.
It shows that if we respect ourselves, others will respect us as well.

I have a friend, a Malaysian, who wore a jubah + purdah to KLCC.

She survived. I truly admire her for that (even if she was dared to do it)masyaAllah..
May Allah give me a stronger Iman insyaAllah.

Don't have abayas?
Its ok. Jubah is ok. Or even skirts with loose shirts.
I see many walk around with beautiful long skirts but their shirts..
Na'udzubillah min zaalik.
Even long loose shirts/tops with pants are fine. I like those Turkish/Jordan styles.

But their hijabs are short.That's their culture.Do you know that Muslim women in Turkey are banned from wearing hijab? And they were the first country(correct me if im wrong) to be under the Ottoman Empire. So sad.

Plus, when we wear these clothes(Jubah, abayas long skirts with LOOSE shirts,etc), we tend to refrain ourselves from improper actions. Ask anyone who wears jubah/abaya. They'll say the same thing.

And it's not oppressive, mind you. It potrays chastity, modesty, purity and faith. Its goooooooooooooooooooooooooood. AND it protects us from them:-


If someone were to say it oppresses us from being ourselves, tell me this, is 'being ourselves' something good? Does it attract unwanted attention?
Is it with or against the teachings of the Quran and sunnah?
How can something beneficial and protective be oppressive?

Hence my brothers and sisters in Islam, let's bring Islamic clothes to our culture.
Let them be accepted.
If they can do it, why not us?

A mere thought of mine. A reminder for myself before others insyaAllah.
Do comment and correct any wrongs insyaAllah.
May Allah strengthen our Iman insyaAllah.



  1. woww! * mawaddah likes this post* * thumbs up* hehe ..i admire u really to wear an abaya even when going to shop..maybe i shud try that to . and very proud of my own hijab ..we all do..its like giving the public an instant message that we are muslim women.=) i like that. well, at Jurong point, there are some women who wear abayas and niqab, n people just walk past acting like it is normal.maybe they are use to it. about those turkish women, i heard about it too but afterall, there ar some women with hijab there right despite the banning of hijab..
    aniway, looking forward for more interesting post! =D

  2. salam.. reli love your post. well, just to share some experience. i'm a s'porean who wears a niqab. and i'm just like other teens who wants to go out with my families and friends. i've went to tampines mall(u noe how tat place is) quite a few times and i don't mind people staring at me. Furthermore i'm still a human. not an alien. so, my advise is, don't be embarrassed by all the starings. Al-Islam 'ala wa la yu'la 'alaih. so, be proud coz u are a Muslim. Allahu yubarik fik. =)

  3. Mawaddah: Salaam. Alhamdulillah. :)
    Jurong point?Really? Jarang2 sangat ke sane.hehe..Yeah,people there are used to it i guess. Im still getting stares here..but it's ok. They'll get used to it as well insyaAllah. :D

    True. They still hold on to their hijabs. And here,with freedom of choice, some of us don't.. May Allah protect us all insyaAllah.

    Anonymous: W'km salaam wr.
    Alhamdulillah.. :)
    MasyaAllah..u do? I've never known any teens in Singapore who wears niqab. May you be consistent insyaAllah. :)

    I dont know how Tampinis mall is,afwan.heh. But i'm guessing there's a lot of other teens there? A hang out place maybe?
    True..its our right and our choice right? InsyaAllah.
    Baarakallahu fiik aidhon. ^_^