14 Apr 2010

Because they are our future.

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

The young ones...
It is said that they are pure..mind,body and soul.

It is said that they are like clean white cloths and it is their parents who play the roles of the 'artist'.

There's a learning process known as Observational Learning which is defined as the learning of new behavior through the observation of a model (watching someone else doing a certain behavior).

Usually, 'models' here refers to parents because that is who we grow up with. As the Malay proverb goes, ke mana tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi (lebih kurang gitu lah..i think.huhu. correct me for my mistakes.).

Nowadays though, from what i see, children are more influenced by the media. Their ways of talking, dressing, acting... it's all media. Last time, if a child was asked what he/she wants to become when they grow up, they'd say: I want to be like daddy. or I want to be just like mummy.
But now, ask them and they'd give you names of teen superstars or even jobs related to media and fame. (not for ALL children..but,yeah.)

Teen stars especially...i don't want to name them. I'm sure you know them all.
Watch Disney channel and you see them. Watch Nickelodeon and you'll see them.
Even in Okto channel...these shows are everywhere.

Remember our days..when all we watched were cartoons like...
Duck tales...
Sesame Street...
Teletubbies... (haha)
Swat Cats... (did you guys watch this?huhu)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
Ultraman... (pakcik goh!hehe.nevermind.)
What else did we watch eh?huhu

Main thing is, we don't have shows that stars teen actors/actresses. (Power Rangers came in MUCH later..and even then, they weren't really young teens.)
And i think that is why we acted OUR age when we were young.

You know how Facebook has all these pages of random groups?
I came across one that says "When i was your age, i lost a tooth, not my virginity."
And it really hit me (not because i lost my virginity, na'udzubillah!) but because just this morning, i watched Oprah and she had this interview with child molesters and pedophiles.

How are they related?
Well, from the Facebook page, it showed some pictures of children (very young..around..5 or 6 maybe) dressed in adult-looking clothes (which were designed to look like kids clothes).. you get what i mean, kan?

And that, to me, and to some others who joined that group, is wrong.
If they dress like adults, don't you think they'll act like one?
It's like playing dress ups..

You dress like a doctor, you paste a bandage on someone's face.
You dress like a chef, you go break some eggs.
You dress like a cowboy, you go shoot people with those fake toy guns.
You dress like your so-called role model (in this case, the teen stars), you act like them.

Hang on..where am i going with this? *scroll balik ke atas*
Ah yes.
Let me just show you a picture just so you get an idea of what i'm trying to say.


About the Oprah show, what i can summarize from the interview that she had with the child molesters were that, they pick on children who trusts them..children (or even young teens actually) who are insecure and have problems with their parent... Especially communication problem i guess.

This made me realize truly how Islam and its teachings is like a panacea. From the way we're supposed to dress, our ethics... EVERYTHING.
i know this photo doesn't show a proper hijab...but it is TOO CUTE to be left out.hehe

And Oprah also mentioned that, when a child mentions something out of the ordinary, LISTEN. Because as mentioned above, children are pure. They tell things as is it...

So, if you have a younger brother or sister (sisters especially), or maybe even a young daughter or son, do take care of them well.
Give them the attention and care that they need and take listen to their words even thought at times, it doesn't really make sense.

I know i'm still a student...i don't even have a degree in psychology ...(yet.make doa for me! amin. :D) but take what's good and leave what's wrong and inaccurate for i am merely a student.

Oh. The answer to the quiz 2 posts below, the shape sequence, is a triangle!

So, if you guessed a triangle, then you are correct!
But you reasons may differ.

The reason why the third shape is a triangle because it has 3 sides.
The circle consists of only one line (as shown in the diagram) while the 2nd diagram (entah ape nama dia) has two lines. The 4th figure... susah sikit nak cakap but as i've shown in the diagram above, if we connect the dots, they make four lines. (first line has 4 dots, 2nd line has 3 dots, 3rd line has 2 dots and the 4th line has 1 dot. geddit?hehe)

Well, don't blame me if you think this is illogical. I got it from a movie.hehe.

Have a nice day!

PS: To mak and bapak, thank you for all you have done for me. You have raised me well. Jazaakallah for everything and i love both of you. (chewah.macam nak tinggalkan rumah je.huhu)


  1. masya Allah! love this post! yea.. they prefer to take the celebrities as their role models ..and some celebs are just nt a good saying about malay artist.. is this too sensitive? maybe its ok if i dont mention their names. hopefully, these chidlren will grow up to be person who sucess in both dunya n akhirah..Ameen :)

  2. 1. You dress like Superman, than you can fly.`Itu yang ada kes budak terjun apartmen pakai baju Superman..

    2. Yes! Triangle. What movie? I get this from IQ Exam when i was in 'Darjah Enam' in 1995 (i guess..)

  3. >mawaddah:

    Most artists are like that i guess..we don't have to mention names really..kinda obvious,kan?huhu..
    And if we do mention names, its like you said,mcm too sensitive. At most, they'd disagree and 'debate' about it.
    InsyaAllah..may we all. Amin. :)


    2.The Oxford Murders.