23 May 2010

'Maher Zain's new MV' & 'Facebook-good or bad?'

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

Even Serena Williams was in that video..masyaAllah.

It has been a while since i blogged. Same reason as always- no idea.
Although, i was 'quite' active on Facebook.

Some say it's bad. Some say it's good.
Well, i guess it depends on what your objective on FB is.
Some use it for networking, some to keep in touch, some to play games, share things, sell stuff, promote stuff.. even things against our religion.

Recently someone asked me to join the AGAINST "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" FB page.
There's a page(s) on FB making fun of our beloved prophet..drawing his face in various cartoons and publishing them on their page. Astarghfirullah...

So, this page (Against "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day) stated that, if FB doesn't close down that page, we(members of the page) will boycott FB. This was to be done on the 20th of May.

Apparently, FB didn't take action on the site (that publish pictures of our prophet) hence, supposedly, we're to boycott FB.

It's hard to let go of something you've been attached to.
But i do realize that it's better to leave FB. Mainly because there's too much there to handle.
But then again, there are the good things... There are many of those who publish various Quranic verses, hadiths, tazkirah and words of wisdom that are beneficial for us to ponder and reflect.

FB has also become a place where people keep track of their friend's life. My friends even suggested that if any of us were to be engaged or married, we should update each other on FB. huhu

Are you really worth my time?
Are you worth all my electricity usage?
Are you worth my eye strain?
Are you worth it at all?

I read here that every time we log in to our FB account, we actually contribute $5 to the jews. jeng jeng jeng. I recommend you to read that entire post. Such an eye opener. He also included 2 other alternative to FB- (which i have joined) and

Yes,its a little different from FB and it takes time to get used to- so was FB.

There was a brother who opened a FB account because most of his friends were there.
He shared pictures, religious videos, tazkirah etc.
One day he decided to close his account because his lecturer told him that 'you can spend all those hours on your computer but struggle while standing in prayers even for a few seconds'.
Also because he said that FB lets us communicate freely with other genders... unimportant things.

So true his words are for in real life, our communication with the other gender should be limited.
But i'm sure there are others who would disagree, saying "what? we're friends!" or "we've been friends for so long! You can't expect me to cut my ties with him/her!"

I'm not a scholar nor am i a knowledgeable person.
So i don't really know how to refute that.
For me, personally, if he/she were your friend, they would understand (under any circumstances).

There are other ways to keep in touch anyway..yes, texting is more costly and emailing is kinda slow (well, for me.hehe) but its not like you'll be talking to that person EVERYday, EVERY minute and EVERY second...

Communicate when necessary.
Even the hadith teaches us to say only good things or just keep quiet.
Good things. Beneficial things. Beneficial for us, they, them and everyone else.

I see that i've been typing more that what i intended to. heh.
Hence, i think i most probably will deactivate my FB account soon.
Lillahi ta'alaa insyaAllah.

May Allah lead us to the right path insyaAllah.


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