20 Jun 2010

2 weeks more...

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

When i was young, i thought it was odd that my friends called their parents by something other than 'mak' and 'bapak'. Some call theirs 'ibu & ayah', mama & baba, mummy & daddy, mak & abah, ummi & abi... and other different combinations.

The term 'mak' is quite commonly used even though most of the people i know call theirs 'ibu' or 'ummi'. But when i was in Malaysia, i see that people there are more accustomed to calling their dads 'ayah' or 'abah'. And when i mention 'bapak', they will usually take a few moments to kind of analyze what it is im saying before going, "Ah,, ayah awak kerja apa?"

But whatever they are called, they are still our dad..our father...
They've worked hard before and after we're born to support feed educate us.
Maybe it's a different case for those with working mothers ..but nonetheless, our dads play an important role in our life as well.

Mum has nurtured me and taught me several things.
Dad has taught me a lot of things as well. Its just in different aspects.
It was dad who introduced me to photography. And even though i don't practice as much now, i still love photography and am glad that i was exposed to it.

Dad also taught me about different values in life and how to see certain things differently. And i am much grateful for that. Although the world celebrates Father's Day yesterday, just like mother's day, everyday is a father's day.

My bapak is a good father and has done so much for me.
Thank you bapak for everything. :)

This is getting emotional.
Maybe it's just me.
But maybe its the fact that i'll be leaving this house yet again to pursue my studies in Malaysia.
And this time, i'll be in Gombak.. Quite a long way from home. Nilai was nearer but Gombak..yeah...

2 weeks more...
2 weeks more...

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

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