1 Jun 2010

First step to a new ..- smile?

Assalaamu'alaikum wr.

Had a dental appointment today for my braces. The dentist told me about my braces plan and also placed eight separators in between my teeth. 4 on the upper set and 4 on the lower. I won't upload a picture of my own mouth/teeth. heh. But here are some images from google:-

I asked the dentist if it would hurt..he said: "Maybe a bit now." (Alhamdulillah)
"...but it will hurt at home." (

And true enough, it does hurt. It didn't hurt much earlier but now, i find it hard to chew solid food. Its all soups and porridges for me then.

"Kakak blender lah makanan kakak. Jadi liquid lepas tu minum je. Orang tua buat macam tu kan?" My brother suggested. Tempting. But i think i'll pass. :D

On the way to the dental, inside the MRT, i saw something that for me, is a little amusing. It was a sunny day so the MRT was fairly sunlit but it wasn't burning hot. I was there, standing, in my usual black apparels. Then came an auntie wearing a sleeveless top with 3/4 pants, fanning herself like the air-conditioner wasn't working. Maybe its because she's standing, i thought. Heat from the others perhaps. Understandable.

Then the person sitting in front of me stood up and alighted at the next station. And of course, the auntie rushed to the empty seat. Even then, she was still fanning herself like she was in a hot dessert or something. Kinda odd to me. You would think someone who's wearing all black would feel hotter than those who wear light colored clothings. And she's not even properly covered.

Anyway, i guess some might have noticed that i'm back on Facebook.
Well, it was a hesitant decision... But i had a talk with kak Faezah and we discussed about the whole FB issue. I won't go into details...If you want to know (whoever you are) you may ask me i guess. Bottom line, the decision made was based on aulawiyaat (CCT.huhu).

Hence, my FB account is activated yet again. But i'll curb myself from all the games and will use it for beneficial purposes insyaAllah. I'll still be on umma-united and millatfacebook (join this one. Its more like FB than umma-united i guess.)

Well, that is all for today.
My teeth hurts.huhu.
Till next time insyaAllah.


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