15 Apr 2011

You Don't Look Good

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

You don't look good as Dato' Siti,
and you don't look good as Yoona.
You don't look good as Meena Kumari (entah siapa ni.hehe)
and you don't look good as Hana Tajima.

You don't look good as Aishwarya Rai
and you don't look good as P Ramlee.
Really, even how hard you may try
you and their look just cannot be.

You may use up your entire makeup set,
or even change your whole look too.
But truly you don't need all that
because you look the best as YOU.

Names used are mainly for rhyming purposes. 

A reminder that each and every one of us are beautiful because we are His creations. Everyone has their own natural beauty and we don't need to change our appearances just to be 'beautiful'. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. :)

And with that in mind, we should protect our beauty- not showcase it to the entire world (kinda exaggerating but,you get the idea insyaAllah. ^_^) + don't forget to beautify our inner selfs as well with Iman and Taqwa insyaAllah. :)


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