30 Jun 2011

The Spread is There, The Choice is Yours.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh.

What's your pick?
The chocolate dessert or the salad?

Before you answer that, let's read this analogy below. :)

Have you been to a buffet? I'm sure you have.
If you haven't, I'm sure you know what a buffet looks like, yes?

Rows and rows of delicacies ranging from the local cuisine- such as laksa, mee goreng, satay, nasi goreng, nasi biryani-to the international cuisine- pizza, pasta, etc- to the desserts- cakes, tarts, puffs, icecream, chocolate fondue- and also salads of fruits and vegetables of many kinds.

Cuisines aside, what's your pick? The salad or the sweet chocolate desserts?
Naturally, most of us would choose the latter.
Only a handful would choose salads over chocolates, yes?

Perhaps because the desserts look more attractive..
Or maybe because we don't usually have those kind of desserts at home..
Perhaps because they taste better, nicer and sweeter, yes?

But which is better? Which is healthier?
We would normally go for things that looks more interesting, something we can't ususally get our hands on daily, something more attractive.
Short-term wise, yes, those sweet desserts taste good.
But long-term wise, will they do justice for our body? No.

On the other hand, fruits and veges still taste good; less sweet but still delicious nontheless. And health-wise, they are good for you body and mind. In other words, they have better long-term effects.

Similar to the spread of knowledge that we have in this world : we have the 'chocolate knowledge' and the 'salad knowledge'.

Take YouTube for example.
How many of us look for entertainment videos such as comedies, music videos, dramas, movies, cute kids, cats, ghost??
And how many of us actually search and browse through Islamic-related and other beneficial videos?

How many of us are up to date about the entertainment world?
How many of us are up to date about our brothers and sisters out there?

We would usually entertain ourselves with worldly matters and tend to forget about things that matter the most.
"Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish. That makes it hard to get to the stuff that matters." - Sherlocks
We should aim to be extra-ordinary people, not to this world, but to Allah.
We should aim to be so in order to be closer to Him, to gain His blessings.

How much time do we really have left in this world? We won't live forever and yet, we still choose these 'chocolate knowledge' over the 'salad'.
It's not wrong, but don't let the 'chocolate knowledge' consume your time or make you forget about the 'salad'.

This is to first and foremost remind and awaken me.
"This world is a prison for the believers and a paradise for the non-believers."(HR Muslim)

So let us make the wise choice and have a healthy dessert.
The spread is there, the choice is yours.



  1. Subhan Allah, a very good reminder indeed.

    Syukran Ukht Qursiah and keep on spreading the Words of Allah.

    May Allah have mercy on your soul.

  2. Assalamualaikum. Very nicely done, Qursiah. Simple analogy, and simply perfect. Kudos yaww. And thanks for reminding. :)

    .dan sebagai penjual kek, hahah, ai terasa ! :D