22 Dec 2011

Protect Me From Me

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Oh Allah I pray to Thee,
please, Allah, protect me from me;
the me that keeps asking,
demanding and wanting,
what I desire and not what I need.

Oh Allah to You I plead,
save me from this madness within,
the rage and conflict underneath my skin
between the pure soul 
and the nafs which is cold,
between the need to please You,
and the desire of not wanting to.
I am weak 'cuz I lack Your light
and at times, the will to fight...

Without You oh Allah
I will not be able to.
 Please protect me from me;
bring me closer to You...


gambar hiasan

"mujahadah an-nafs"
Du'a alone is insufficient without effort. Fight your nafs. Just do it. ;)
Reminder to myself before others.


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