28 Apr 2015

First Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Assalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh

People say that one's first love is the most difficult to forget.
They say that one's first love would leave the most impact in one's life, even after finding new love(s) afterwards.
They'd say that none could compare to their first love.

That's what some would say.

But these days...
I see people forgetting their first love.
People neglecting their first love.
The first love is special no more.

It seems, as though this first love, is loved lesser.
But when asked who the greater love is, they would mention their first love.
Yet somehow, their actions say otherwise.
Somehow, even though they are still physically close to their first love, their minds and thoughts wander only to their new love.

Where is our first love in our lives?
Where is their place in our hearts?

Our first love...
The first person to hold our hand,
look deeply into our eyes,
a warm and sincere smile painted on their faces,
as tears of happiness rolled slowly down their cheeks,
they'd whisper those three words:
"I love you..."

Our first love...
The first person to hold us in their arms,
protect us from harm,
shower us with warmth and care.
The ones who we always know would be there,
the ones who would go through blood, sweat, and tears just to see us happy...

This first love...
Our first love...
The first two persons who means so much to us growing up...
The first two persons we would turn to for everything...
The first two persons who would be there for us...

Our parents.

How could one spend so much on their new found love when they have never spend as much on their parents first?
How could one bring their new found love to magical destinations, and all their parents get to see are mere pictures of it?
How can one brag of amazing food and drinks they had with their new found love to their parents who can only leave it to their imaginations?

As special as someone is to you now, never forget your first loves.
Surprise you mother with bouquet of flowers...
Bring you father to places he's never been....
Treat them as how you would treat your "special one".

They may not ask for it.
They may prefer traditional black coffee to espresso.
They may prefer fried rice to Italian risotto.
But it's the thought and gesture that counts.
The smallest act of love and remembrance from you would mean the world to them.
Even if it's just sitting quietly next to them as they watch their favorite TV show...

Show them your love...
before the only thing you can do is make du'a from afar...

Mak, Bapak...Thank you for everything. I love you.

21 Apr 2015

Close to You

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Oh Allah,

Protect my heart,
and keep it close to You.

Desert me not,
for I am lost without You.

Leave me not,
without You my life would be senseless.

Allow me, oh Allah,
to have You close 'till I am breathless.